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Monday, May 18, 2009

Review - Lycan Lore 2: Offspring by Shannon Leigh

Title: Lycan Lore 2: Offspring

Author: Shannon Leigh

Publisher: Amber Quill Press

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Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewed by: Mickey

Nine months ago, Heather's life took a dramatic change. She became a werewolf. Shortly thereafter, a lycan hunter named Cray murdered her sire, leaving her to struggle through her horrible existence alone. But if turning into a bloodthirsty, ravenous, beast of the night wasn't bad enough, she'd also conceived a child on the evening of her attack. With the next lunar cycle about to begin, the hunter hot on her heels, and her unborn child at stake, she's desperate to stay alive. Hoping the hordes of partying females will mask her scent, she flees to the crowded shores of South Beach, right into the arms of a local college student named Mike, a man who could prove more than a one-night stand.

Born a lycan, bred a hunter, Cray McCorbin has learned to control his inner beast, as well as accept the responsibility of eliminating other wolves who can't. He's not proud of his job—killing isn't something he enjoys—and prefers to consider himself a protector of humanity, despite his own heritage. Nine months ago, however, fate intervened in his miserable life and fulfilled the old lycan lore, presenting him with a mate. Cassandra, Heather's best friend, is all Cray's ever dreamed of and more. But destiny can sometimes come with a cruel hand. Though he'd gladly give his life for her, his duties as a hunter come first. He can't allow any renegade werewolf to escape, not even Cassandra's best friend...

Oddly enough, I believe that any title with a number following it fosters the expectation that the reader has some knowledge of the author’s previous books. Lycan Lore 2 Offspring is no exception to this belief, and fortunately it satisfies all the readers’ needs. Offspring picks up the story almost exactly where the first book ended, and as the reader discovers with this installment Ms. Leigh somehow manages to write a sympathetic yet graphic werewolf story. Heather is by turns vicious and violent, yet soft, sensual and - maternal? You don’t know whether to feel sorry for her or cheer for her capture and destruction. Unfortunately, this seems to be Cassandra’s dilemma too, and she is not exactly helping Cray to capture Heather. Heather, on the other hand, chooses to ignore everything and everyone to concentrate on satisfying her physical urges, even though it seems as if the whole world is trying to find and destroy her and her unborn child - busy girl. If you are looking for the romantic feel of Lycan Lore, this is not the sequel to read, this book has more of an erotic touch to match Heather’s personality. Perhaps, it is the differences between the two books that makes the second just as good: a carbon copy of the first would be boring; Ms. Leigh has given us a completely new and fresh character study with Heather, one I thoroughly enjoyed.

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