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Monday, May 11, 2009

Review - The Mark of Kane by Nadia Aidan

Title: The Mark of Kane

Author: Nadia Aidan

Publisher: Lyrical Press

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Rating: You Want To Read
Reviewer: Laura

Ancient runes and modern enemies mark a thief for death.

Nikita Kane's got it made: She's a glamorous, international thief. What she wants, she takes. Nothing is too extravagant, too dangerous or too obscure.

She's about to make the score of a lifetime...until the heist goes wrong and Logan Richards, her sexy, adventurous lover, turns out to be her arresting officer

Never having read Ms. Aidan’s work before, I was in for a great thrill. There is an intense relationship between Nikita and Logan that is waylaid by runes, a secretive museum curator and the search for an ancient legend. A subplot involving Kyle Dixon and his one-time partner, Sharyn, is heartfelt and poignant as is often experienced when love is destroyed by misunderstandings that are thought to be betrayals. I loved the various locations that are used throughout the book so the reader is taken through London, the United States and Paris. The detailed story enables the reader to feel the thrill of the chase and almost smell the fear of the characters as they attempt to decipher the mystery hidden in The Mark of Kane.

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