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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Review - Mistress Says Faster by Sultry Summers

Title: Mistress Says Faster

Author: Sultry Summers

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Mistress Says Faster releases in August 2009

Rating: You Need To Read

Reviewed By: Roberta

After trapping a group of motorcycle hijackers trying to steal her new Harley Davidson, Mistress Glenda watches the three polish her ride in the cool weather of the Blue Ridge Parkway. With their hands zip tied, stripped down to their wet, jock underwear and no phone to call the police, they aren’t going anywhere until the tall blonde, knife brandishing Glenda lets them. However one of the three isn’t a greasy crook, and he isn't what he seems. He’s an attractive, well built, powerful hunk and she’s falling for him, even if he is the 'bad guy'. Or is he?

Have a few extra hours on your hands and want to read something hot. Pick up this book. This is the author's first attempt at writing a contemporary story; and in my opinion, she has hit the nail on the head. First, it combines three of my favorite things, a motorcycle, a sexy man and some very hot sex and not necessarily in this order. The two main characters, Glenda and Dawson, ignite a flame that just can't be put out. I'll definitely be looking for more from this author in the future and plan on checking out her other stories in a different genre.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Roberta so much for such a wonderful review!
    I'll be sure this gets posted ASAP - Sorry the cover isn't out yet the book comes out in August and WOW am I looking forward to it.
    Sultry Summers


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