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Friday, May 15, 2009

Review - Monday's Child : Kiss and Spell by Kris Eton

Title: Kiss and Spell

Author: Kris Eton

Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing, LLC

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Rating: You want to read

Reviewer: Nerine Dorman

Marissa Glenn is a witch with one amazing power. She can make men fall in love with just a kiss. But Marissa sees her magical gift as a curse. After years of using men merely for sexual fulfillment, she wants a man to call her own. A challenge from a rival witch is just the motivation she needs to fall in love for real this time.

Months after his fiancee cheated on him, Justin Heller still nurses a broken heart. When bar regular Marissa puts her moves on him, he thinks she's nothing but trouble. He knows her M.O., a different man every night, and he's not interested in being one more conquest.

Marissa is determined to convince Justin she's more than just a pretty face. But who knew falling in love without any magic would be this hard?

You’d think that sassy, drop-dead gorgeous witch Marissa Glen would have it all with her magical gifts, but you’d be wrong. Her special magical gift is a kiss that will make any man do her bidding for just one night, but she’s tired of having mindless sex slaves for a one-night romp who don’t remember her the morning after.

Bouncer Justin Heller has had his heart broken and he’s seen Marissa up to her usual tricks picking up men at the bar where he works, so understandably, he’d be a bit leery of giving her his heart but there’s no denying the chemistry between the two.

When Marissa accepts a bet with Demetria, another witch, that she can win Justin’s love without her magic, she accepts and has only a few days to convince the man that she’s ready to set aside her past otherwise she’ll lose her powers.

Kris Eton certainly turns up the heat early with her characters, delivering some hot action when I least expected it. I wondered how Marissa was going to get out of her predicament and found her interaction with her beau to be quite charming – in all the senses of the word. I’d have loved to have seen Demetria be far more nasty and conniving but she added a nice little spanner in the works. At times the fragmented sentences did cause the editor in me to want to reach for her red pen, but on the whole this was a quick, entertaining read that left me slightly breathless in parts.

Without giving away spoilers, I’ll not be forgetting that little scene at the restaurant any time soon! Kudos to Kris for giving me some rather, erm, naughty ideas to try out on my man. Now where did I put those hand-cuffs?

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