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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Review - Moonlight on Diamonds by Lydia Storm

Title: Moonlight On Diamonds

Author: Lydia Storm

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

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Rating: You Need To Read

Reviewed By: Roberta

As the Diamond Ball approaches, the world’s greatest jewel thieves have assembled in Washington DC for one purpose: to steal the cursed Hope diamond which will hang around Veronica Rossmore’s lovely neck. Former FBI agent, John Monroe, is hired to play bodyguard to Veronica. When she starts receiving threatening notes from the Ghost, the most infamous jewel thief in operation, John is forced to look into the society girl’s mysterious past. As John uncovers the layers of her secret life, he finds himself falling in love with the seductive and enigmatic Veronica. On the eve of the ball, John is on a mission to protect Veronica and the Hope from the Ghost, but can he discover the notorious thief’s identity in time?

At first, I was afraid there was going to be too many characters to keep up with in this book. However, the way the author tells the story you will not get lost among their individual and collective stories. The author weaves a tale like none I have ever read. There are elements of suspense, love, danger, murder, and so much more. The two main characters are kindred spirits in several aspects of their lives. I fell in love with John and Veronica. I hope you will too. The description of the jewels is magnificent. You will be able to picture each piece like it was directly in front of you.

This is the authors first novel and has been a pleasure to read. I look forward to hearing from this author in the future. This is a book you will not be able to put down.

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