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Monday, May 18, 2009

Review - Pleasure After The Pain by Savannah Chase

Title: Pleasure After the Pain
Author: Savannah Chase
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewer: Laura

Serena has never had a tattoo. Even her friend, Jenny's, constant prodding hasn't convinced her it would be a good idea. Nevertheless, she finds herself in a tattoo parlor in the late evening looking at drawings. Her friend picks out one and goes with the artist to the back to have it done. After an hour of looking at drawings, she still is unable to find the one tattoo she wants to become a part of her. Accidentally, a drawing slips out of a binder she's been looking at, and she is instantly smitten with a drawing of a man with the most mesmerizing blue eyes. Even after she is dissuaded by the artist, she can't stop thinking about the drawing. She makes her way back to the parlor and convinces him to tattoo it right in the middle of her back. She is thrilled with the idea of having this fascinating tattoo for the rest of her life. She dreams of it and falls more and more in love with it. She has never been so at peace.

Serena's journey to obtaining her first tattoo will leave anyone excited and energized. Whether you have a tattoo yourself or not is incidental. Anyone can relate to the natural reluctance of one to get their first tattoo. Those of us that have tatttoos can relate to the unequaled high of using your skin as a canvas to illustrate something you like or take pride in displaying. This story is a quick, satisfying ride that delivers on so many levels. You appreciate Serena's decision to get a tattoo as well as her choice of tattoo. When she dreams of the guy on her back, and he takes her to undiscovered frontiers, I definitely needed a cold shower. The fact that this author can pack so much passion and emotion into a couple of dozen pages makes my mouth water for a full length novel by her. Hot, hot, hot.

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  1. I want to thank you for taking the time to read my book and for this fantastic review...It makes me so happy that you like my work.Thank you so much...


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