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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Review - Said the Spider to the Fly by Miss Mae

TITLE: Said the Spider to the Fly

AUTHOR: Miss Mae

PUBLISHER: The Wild Rose Press

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RATING: You Gotta Read

Reviewer: MarthaE

Mona Murphy returns to Copper Springs to attend her grandfather's memorial service. His passing appeared ordinary enough—the official report stated he'd tripped and fallen down the staircase. Yet Preston Hitchcock, the insurance agent who'd sold a half million-dollar policy to Mona's grandfather days before the old man died, isn't convinced, especially when bloody towels are discovered in the backyard.
And that's only the beginning. Who is the hit-and-run driver who attempts to run Mona down? Why is her old boyfriend more ardent for her affections now than ever before? And why is Mona helpless to guard her heart from the devastating influence of Preston's practiced lady-killer smiles?
Secrets Mona never knew existed in Copper Springs become exposed. But none is so revealing as the one she fights to hide—and the very one that might save her life.

I loved this little romance mystery!
Mona Murphy is a feisty, fiercely independent but troubled young woman. She returns to her home town upon the death of her grandfather and has to face her unhappy childhood and her troubled memories. She has always tried to hide the fact that she has been “cursed” with a special gift.

Preston Hitchcock is a charming, ruggedly attractive, mysterious “insurance agent” with a lady killer smile! He is trying to determine if the death of Mona’s grandfather, a few days after he purchased a large insurance policy, was truly accidental or perhaps suicide. Very quickly Mona and Preston begin to discover clues that indicate that her grandfather may not have been alone when he supposedly “accidentally” fell down the stairs.

While trying to chase down clues, Preston wants to protect Mona from advances by her ex-boyfriend and from the investigation. But independent Mona is going to search things out for herself and she keeps ending up in the wrong place as she narrowly escapes one attack after another. Clearly someone wants to stop her investigating but it sure isn’t clear who! The story twists and turns so it is hard to determine who can be trusted. Just when you think you have the death figured out, another secret pops up. I liked how the mystery keeps the reader off balance and guessing until all is neatly wrapped up in the end.

In addition to the mystery, there is a very sweet romance. Mutual attraction draws Mona and Preston together but they will have to get past the secrets they are each keeping and determine if they can accept each other as they really are. The story had an old fashioned feel to it that made me think of a small town “genteel” era. These were lovely characters with a great murder mystery. A very wonderful read!


  1. Thank you for the wonderful review! :)

  2. Congratulations Miss Mae! This certainly is a wonderful review and well deserved, I enjoyed 'Said the Spider@ as much as Martha E obviously did!


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