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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Review - Surrender To The Night by Jae Knight

Title: Surrender To The Night

Author: Jae Knight

Publisher: Phaze

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Rating: You Want To Read

Reviewer: Laura

Korinna MacDougal is a strong and independent vampire who doesn't need a man, but it soon becomes apparent that a human male needs her. Korinna is drawn to Ziggy 'Blue' Dvorzhetsky, and when demons start stalking her in an attempt to find her vampire creator, she must protect Ziggy from a vicious group of demon rogues.

As the Guardians plan to uncover the demons' sinister plot, a young Oracle is kidnapped and taken into Tenebrae, the demon realm. Korinna's creator, Siobhan Connelly, and her estranged Halfling husband, Oren, must go into a hostile world to retrieve the child in order to keep the powerful psychic force out of demon hands. Can Oren and Siobhan make it out of Tenebrae with their lives and mend their own troubled hearts from a tragic past along the way?

Reading this book enables the reader to enjoy the paranormal world of Tenebrae. This is a world where demons, Halflings and Changelings all exist in a parallel universe. I became intrigued by not only the magic and wonder of the environment but also of the characters who were such an integral part of the stories. The two main plots do intersect a little over halfway through the book, and several questions are answered. However, some questions are left to be addressed in the next installment of the series which ensures that readers will be coming back for more.

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