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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Review - Truce of Trust by Lisabet Sarai

Title: Truce of Trust

Author: Lisabet Sarai

Publisher: Total-E-Bound

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Rating: You Want To Read

Reviewer: Laura

How can a woman choose between her husband and her Master?

Some women might think Leah's existence heavenly. She shares her home with two sexy men who both adore her. Ten years married to lusty, artistic Daniel, she still enjoys the discipline and release offered by Greg. But her lovers' jealousy and possessiveness have made Leah's life a hell.

Unable to bear the continuous conflict, she flees to an idyllic seaside resort to ponder her future. Gradually she realises that she cannot live without either of her lovers. If the two men can't settle their differences, though, then how can she bear to live with them?

Ms. Sarai details the complex relationship of two men and one woman in Truce of Trust. It is evident through the dialogue and emotions that while both men love her, she finds it difficult to make their threesome work without jealousy. As the reader turns the pages, it becomes clear how Leah must find herself and discover her own wants and needs before she can expect Greg and Daniel to fulfill them. This short story is a good read for a weekend or a train ride home after work. I would not recommend attempting to read this without the hope of a cold shower in the near future.

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