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Monday, May 18, 2009

Review - A Virtual Cat-astrophe by Reece Herring

Title : A Virtual Cat-astrophe

Author : Reece Herring

Publisher : The Wild Rose Press

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Reviewed by: Brynna Curry

Rating: You need to read

When Carrie Easterman finds the man of her dreams on an internet playground, she puts aside her low self-esteem, lets her hair down, and connects with Lorne on a level beyond the physical. But after two months of smooth sailing, the moment she's dreaded arrives. He wants to meet in real life. Anxiety cripples her courage, and with a heavy heart, Carrie refuses. However, the fates won’t let her off the hook that easily. With the power of lightening and her clumsy cat acting as catalysts, Carrie finds herself and Lorne sucked into cyberspace wading in strong currents of virtual confusion. Forced together by destiny, will Lorne be able to overcome Carries insecurities? And even if he succeeds, will their chance at lasting love be snatched away forever, marshalled by the relentless assault of the cyber world?

Afraid of finding herself lacking in Lorne's eyes, Carrie is reluctant to meet her cyber beau, but when her cat Cheetarah puts her two paws in, Carrie is transported into VL an online life game and right into the arms of her would be lover Lorne. A quick page turning read that may just have you looking at your computer a little differently. Even though A Virtual Cat-astrophe is a short novella, I was surprised at the depth of emotion in the snapshot the reader sees. It was nice to remember true love lies in the heart, not just what our eyes can see.

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