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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Review - Wanton Wager by Morgan Ashbury

Title: Wanton Wager

Author: Morgan Ashbury

Publisher: Siren Publishing

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Rating: You want to read

Reviewed by Evy

James and Jonathan Keller are identical twins who both own and work on their family ranch. They share everything from clothes to a strawberry allergy but never a woman. In comes Tabitha Lambert, recently divorcee from DC who is an agent for the Bureau of Land Management. Tabitha visits the ranch to talk to the brothers about a Wild Horse program and the brothers were immediately “hooked”. They find out that Tabitha loves to gamble so they lure her into making a Wager. Tabitha, James and Jonathan are on the ride of their life while dealing with a money-hungry ex, a greedy Casino Manager and a “shady” cop disguised as a friend!

I found the story line to be a bit predictable…….Ed, the ex-husband is wants to get back with Tabitha for the inheritance he knows she has coming. Phyllis, the Casino Manager, would like to lead James Keller down the isle some day yet she has a hard time figuring out which of the brothers is James. Derek Hamilton the local cop and long time acquaintance of the Kellers; feels that their land belonged to his family and everything they have should be his. I empathized with Derek as he is obviously mentally challenged.

In the meantime, Tabitha is falling head over heels for James and Jonathan and their Ménage à Trois will set the reader on fire each and every time. This book is definitely not for the faint-hearted and is a “wild ride” from beginning to end.

1 comment:

  1. I think predicable can be a good thing. I love these types of books right after an intense read. Helps relax me so that I won't get into a reading slump.

    Great review. Love the wild ride from beginning to end. I'm not faint-hearted and could use a wild ride...lol!


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