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Friday, June 19, 2009

Review - All For Love by Jon Bradbury

Title: All For Love

Author: Jon Bradbury

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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Rating: You Could Read

Reviewer: Laura

Tyler Libby was living the good life. He was a wide receiver for the NFL. He had fame, fortune, and money to burn. He had everything, except, that is, a woman to call his own. But then he learns of provision in his Uncle's will, one that says he will get five million dollars -- if he's married.

Along comes Eden Cherry, a woman he's been dating exclusively, who happens to learn about a yoga retreat. The catch -- she has to be married.

So when Tyler pops the question, it's not a hard choice. But when they both learn that their marriage was not based on the most pure of motives, they have to decide if they will stay married.

There are some readers out there who enjoy a good romance involving professional athletes. We don't like it when their fame and fortune appear to be the reason for love. This book is written with a hint of selfishness on the part of Tyler and Eden. Both characters are flawed, and their choices reflect hidden agendas. Mr. Bradbury does a good job of turning an interracial relationship into a tool to further the romance. I, however, did not feel that the love was genuine nor that Tyler and Eden were passionately, madly in love. I found the chemistry between them to be lukewarm and self-serving. I wish there had been more depth to the personalities of the characters as well.

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