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Monday, June 29, 2009

Review - Alpha 5: Heal by Treva Harte

Title: Alpha 5: Heal

Author: Treva Harte

Publisher: Loose Id

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Rating: You Want To Read

Reviewer: Laura

Arlin doesn't want responsibility. He doesn't want to be a pack Alpha. He definitely doesn't want the job of protecting the vet. Ruth's an Ice Queen and she's really cramping Arlin's freewheeling take-what'll-have-you style. Especially since Ruth smells like sex. How can a woman so cold smell so incredibly hot?

Ruth wants to think Arlin is just a kid. A very sexy kid and nothing more. Too bad for her she has to trust him with her life -- and what's more, with all of her secrets. It'd be so much easier if she could keep on being the Ice Queen, but she feels like such an animal around him.

This book is a part of a series but reading this book does not require the reader to be familiar with the other books. The author puts a new spin on the were world. Most paranormal books tend to have weres be mated. This story explores an alternative to that by allowing females to be shared. The ménage scenes were well-written and not at all gratuitous. Ms. Harte allows the characters the freedom to act on their own desires without sacrificing anyone’s pride. I would recommend this book to any paranormal fan.

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