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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Review - Bite Me by Honey Jans

Title: Bite Me

Author: Honey Jans

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
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Rating: You Want to Read - A Good book

Reviewed by: Shawn Weisser

A nibble…a bite…it feels so right.

Cherish McCloud is a fake psychic with a secret talent she doesn’t want to acknowledge. Lucian Masters is a vampire with a price on his head on a mission to avenge his sister. When they meet after midnight sparks ignite. But will a demon lord with a grudge be able to prevent an alliance that was written in the stars? Or will Cherish and Lucian fall in love at first bite?

Bite Me was a fun read. Erotic from the get-go it also had a great story backbone. However, it was missing a few details. I would have enjoyed reading more detail about the backgrounds of Lucian and Cherish; his family before and during the fall as well as a story about Cherish’s past. Adding this information would have added a few more pages but would have made the story more filling and the characters more rounded. Although I enjoyed the story, the main concern I have is in the editing. Toward the end of the book the author mistakenly calls the evil Zere by the secondary character’s name, Lucian, in many paragraphs. Better editing would serve this author well. I look forward to a new edition of this book or another book with these characters.

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