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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Review - Cowboy of the Night by Tambra Kendall

Title : Cowboy of the Night, Legends of Loving Texas, Anthology

Author : Tambra Kendall

Publisher : Red Rose

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Rating : You Need to Read

Reviewed by : Heather

Morgan Remington is forced back in time by The Vampiric Council of Darkness. The Hunter, a vampire exterminator, follows Morgan intent on killing him. Adara Galbraith is from the future, sent to 1880’s Texas to stop The Hunter who hides a deadly secret. Adara and Morgan discover the passion of a lifetime, but will they live long enough to enjoy it?

I recently read another installment of Legends of Loving Texas; so when I saw this selection offered up for review I didn’t even read the blurb, I just jumped on the title. Imagine my surprise when I started reading and found that it was not only set in the Old West but was a paranormal and time travel mixed in. I was definitely not expecting it to say the least, but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

Morgan is highly upset with being sent back in time for crimes he didn’t commit. He is getting the feeling that the Vampiric Council of Darkness (VCD) has something else in the works for him. He is left with only some of his magic and very strict rules, no feeding off of anyone on the ranch being one. His night gets better as he comes to realize that the Hunter is bent on killing him, he can’t reach his contacts in the future, and there is something amiss with Ray (his sire). Adara is sent back in time to track and kill the Hunter. She decides to team up with Morgan and work with him.

I enjoyed Cowboy of the Night. It was a quick little read full of action, suspense and a little love. I had a few issues with some of the names, mind you this is certainly just my opinion, some of the names ended up being long winded and a little annoying to read. If you have an hour to kill and want a quick read, I recommend picking up Cowboy of the Night. I wonder, Ms. Kendall will there be, or are there, other stories attached to Cowboy of the Night that will further delve into the VCD and GCI?

1 comment:

  1. Hello Heather,
    Thank you for the wonderful review.
    Yes, story two is in the works with more of the Vampiric Council of Darkness and the Galatic crew.

    Your suggestion will be considered for book two.

    Hugs and thanks again,
    Tambra Kendall


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