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Monday, June 22, 2009

Review - Fragile Dreams by Karen Cogan

Title: Fragile Dreams

Author: Karen Cogan

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

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Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: MarthaE

The Civil war unleashes a bitter battle near Caroline's home--and in her heart. Parentless, and with a young brother to tend, Caroline blames God and the Yankees for her difficulties. Then, she finds a wounded Union soldier lying in her lawn, and her world is turned upside-down...

Shot and left for dead, Nate thanks God for the Confederate angel who takes him in and nurses him back to health, but dreams of taking her West with him after the war are dampened by her Southern alliances and hardened heart.

Will the war pull them apart, or can Nate's faith bind them together?

This was an absolutely beautiful read. It portrays some of the loyalty struggles and bitterness caused by the Civil War and the anger and distrust with God that can be felt when we think He is allowing hurt and pain in our lives.

Caroline is a Southern Belle who enjoyed parties and a pampered life before the War. Now, in 1864, without workers to help, she worries about getting in a cotton crop and a vegetable garden for the coming year. Caroline is bitter and angry at God because of the loss of her pampered lifestyle, the death of her father and worry about her older brother who is away fighting for the Confederacy. Caroline thinks it is her responsibility to maintain the plantation and she has been resourceful enough thus far to take care of herself, her 10 year old brother and her grandmother.

Nate is a Yankee officer who was ambushed and watched an unknown enemy shoot his two comrades in cold blood. He was able to crawl off to a nearby house and woke to find an “angel” taking care of him. Nate’s unfaltering faith and trust in God is truly lovely.

Although Caroline can’t resist falling in love with the honorable Nate, she resents that he is a Yankee and she does not think she can leave her beloved plantation. Nate’s encouragement to her to trust God in all things is gently and beautifully presented. The circumstances that develop in the story help Caroline to make an important decision regarding her faith and her priorities.

The story hints of horrors of the War, and I thought it a bit unrealistic that the property had not been plundered or commandeered by either side. However, the steady message to trust God makes this a truly inspirational and touching read that warmed my heart and reaffirmed my own faith. Definitely a wonderful read leading to a sense of well being!


  1. Martha: Tantalizing review. Makes me want to know more about life during the Civil War.

    Karen: Obviously Fragile Dreams is well-written and a definite TBR.

  2. Lovely review. How wonderful that a story can bring edification to your soul. It is not every day that a book moves you to that point.


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