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Monday, June 1, 2009

Review - Frederica by Georgette Heyer

Title: Frederica

Author: Georgette Heyer

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

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Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Mickey

When Frederica brings her younger siblings to London determined to secure a brilliant marriage for her beautiful sister, she seeks out their distant cousin the Marquis of Alverstoke. Lovely, competent, and refreshingly straightforward, Frederica makes such a strong impression that to his own amazement, the Marquis agrees to help launch them all into society.

Lord Alverstoke can’t resist wanting to help her

Normally wary of his family, which includes two overbearing sisters and innumerable favor-seekers, Lord Alverstoke does his best to keep his distance. But with his enterprising - and altogether entertaining - country cousins getting into one scrape after another right on his doorstep, before he knows it the Marquis finds himself dangerously embroiled...

No one tells a story like Georgette Heyer and Frederica is one of her best. I had a wonderful time re-reading this book, re-discovering these characters having read this book many years ago. I must say, if possible, the story just gets better and better. Freddy, Vernon, their friends and family are the most irrepressible group of madcap lunatics one will ever meet, all set on finding happiness, all interestingly enough looking to help someone else achieve the same. It is this need to help the others that seems to cause so much mayhem, and that inspires Ms. Heyer’s sense of humor to such heights of near hysterical laughter. Coupled with her sly and sharp wit, is Ms. Heyer’s ability to convey deep emotion and innocent sensuality using beautiful and lyrical dialogue, her characters never needing to actually touch physically to convey sexuality. If you have never had the pleasure of reading a Georgette Heyer romance, I would run, not walk to the bookstore to get Frederica, it is the perfect start to a collection.

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