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Monday, June 1, 2009

Review - Hot Dads, The DILF Anthology by Various Authors

Title: Hot Dads, The DILF Anthology

Author: Various

Publisher: Ravenous Romance, Real Man Romance

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Rating: You Need To Read

Reviewer: Laura

DILF's. They're everywhere. That hot director, the guy next door, your old hockey coach, even your own husband? Gay and straight and even bi. You'll find 13 stories of hot dads in these sizzling pages, from spy dads to a dad who has a thing for orgies!

We promise that after reading HOT DADS! you will never look at that hunky guy in the business suit and the wedding ring the same way again!
Contributors include Elizabeth Coldwell, Taria, Alexandra Rowan, Jincey Lumpkin, Esq., John Jockel, Savannah Chase, D. L. Jackson, Em Brown,
Bryce Wood, Jen Bluekissed, Zille Defeu and Jefferson.

What is a DILF? Simply put, it is a Dad I'd Like To F***. And boy, are there plenty in this anthology. I began each short story and quickly got pulled in to the environment, the characters and the plot. Every author takes a different perspective on DILF availability and the opportunities that lie therein. I found a few new authors in this book that I intend to add to my list of books to look for. Anyone who doesn't have a lot of time to read and enjoys short, hot, steamy stories, this one is definitely one that should not be passed up. Enjoy the adventure. I sure did.


  1. Laura, it truly makes me so happy to read that you enjoyed the anthology. This makes being an author that much more amazing...

  2. Laura, thanks so much for checking out the anthology. Glad you enjoyed it.


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