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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Review - In Hot Pursuit by Tiffany Parker

Title: In Hot Pursuit

Author: Tiffany Parker

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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Rating: You Want To Read

Reviewer: Laura

TJ "The Snake" Robinson, the NFL superstar is in love with Tamela Marie Jones. She is the founder and CEO of QT entertainment and self-made woman of wealth. TJ has what some might consider a very controlling nature. Considering he doesn't see himself as controlling, just a man who wants to give his woman the desires of her heart. Can he change in time to keep Tamela from walking out of his life?

Tamela Marie Jones, Ms. QT entertainment watched her mother give up a lucrative career for her controlling father. What did she get for her efforts, three beautiful daughters that were the only bright light in her life and a broken heart. Can Tamela let go of old demons that threaten to have her destine to never hold on to a man for fear of losing herself?

The problem, both TJ and Tamela are very strong willed individuals. Can their strong sexual compatibility be the glue that binds them together? Or, will TJ's controlling nature, and Tamela's fear of loosing herself tear them apart?

In most short stories, the plot is hurried and the characters are not well-developed. This story written by Ms. Parker is not that type of short story. She makes great use of her word count to amplify Tamela’s background and her reluctance to quit her job. The reader is also introduced to TJ and given sufficient information to understand his point of view. There is a perfect balance between the author and the reader to make the story come together beautifully and keep the reader wanting to read more from this new series.

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