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Monday, June 1, 2009

Review - Lure of the Emerald Peacock by Romona Hillinger

Title: Lure of the Emerald Peacock

Author: Romona Hillinger

Publisher: Champagne Books

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Rating: You Want To Read

Reviewed by: MarthaE

Totally different to my other books, this is a story set in India during the dying days of the British Raj.
It's 1947 and a surge of chaos is sweeping India.  The British Raj is over and the British are leaving.
 Duncan MacGavin, the charismatic Scottish engineer, is taking Dina, the half-breed princess with him as his wife to sail from Bombay back to Scotland. But Dina won’t leave without her heirloom. The emerald peacock.
 Exquisite, and of great commercial value, the emerald peacock is the sole remaining object left from Dina’s dynasty and she is honour-bound to reclaim the precious item from the Maharaja. But wresting it from his unyielding fist is impossible, so, courageous as she is beautiful, she plans to steal what is hers.
 Duncan won’t allow such folly and caring nothing for his own safety, he risks his life to retrieve the peacock and together they flee. The maharaja stirred to fury, despatches his most trusted commander and a band of his men, in pursuit.
 Across baking deserts, Duncan and Dina arrive at a village in Rajputana, where they are married by an old friend, a Jesuit priest. The priest arranges their flight to Bombay but it’s too late. Their pursuers have caught up. With no escape possible, time is running out and the ship is about to sail.
 More than the peacock, Dina loves Duncan, and now, she must make the bitterest decision of her life. Duncan or the emerald peacock?

This is an engaging tale with well developed characters and very rich, wonderfully described settings. From the moment Geraldine first meets the “magnificent Scotsman,” Duncan MacGavin the sensual awareness and tension between them is thick and sweet! Duncan has to convince Dina to marry him and face the hardships of an interracial marriage. But she won’t go anywhere without the family brooch. Unfortunately, the new Maharaja is a despot who believes that holding onto the brilliant emerald peacock brooch will allow him to hold on to the lovely Dina as well.

Ultimately Duncan and Dina must find a way to get her brooch away from the powerful Maharaja and get out of Indian at a time when the Indian people have turned on the British. I enjoyed the author’s interesting look at the historical climate of the time. Also I liked that the book is filled with sexual tension and lots of action as the couple tries to escape capture. It is a very lively and fast paced read that will entertain historical romance readers and romantic suspense/action readers!

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