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Monday, June 29, 2009

Review - Murder and Magic by Isabel Roman

Title : Murder and Magic, The Dark Desires of the Druids I

Author : Isabel Roman

Publisher : Ravenous Romance

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Rating : You Need to Read

Reviewed by : Tir

Losing her virginity can mean ruin for a Victorian lady. For Raven Drake, it means freedom to explore her sexuality. As a magicker in hiding, Raven subscribes to her culture’s less prudish philosophy. She wants to experience every erotic sensation imaginable.

Malcolm, Lord Preston, desires her from the moment he sees her, and doesn’t allow society’s rules to stand in his way. More than happy to introduce Raven to the pleasures of sex, he doesn’t expect to fall in love with her.

Their tryst is a welcome distraction from witch hunters and political maneuverings. But can it overcome the weight of another man’s ring on her finger?

Full of mystery, murder, and magick, The Dark Desires of the Druids series will leave you breathless!

Murder and Magic is an apt description of this book. From very early there is both and though I knew the solution to the mystery weaved throughout, it does not detract from the tale in the least. When I first met Raven and Malcolm, I was completely sympathetic for them but once Raven's fiance, Gareth, shows up, again I saw that things aren't exactly as they appear. The characters were all very real and their emotions splashed across the page with style. In the end it was hard to decide which man to root for but I won't tell you which one wins.

Often it was difficult to tell what time period the tale was set in and I'm not certain if that is a good thing or a bad thing. For one, it weaves magic back into a world where magic is dead but then its hard to orient oneself if one does not know where in time one is. That said, I still I look forward to more from this world and will definitely be picking up the rest of the series.

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