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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Review - Resemblance by Yolanda Stokes

Title: Resemblance

Author: Yolanda Stokes

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewer: Tiffany Kleinhans

Having beaten the odds, Ashley Miller graduated from college with a double majors, Architectural Design and Culinary Arts, accomplishing both without once neglecting her son. Being a single mother while attending wasn't an easy task, but to succeed she'd had to make sacrifices especially her personal life. Ashley had resigned herself to a life alone without the comfort of a man to love her and to accept her and love her son.

Nicholas Maxwell had long ago given up happily ever after, because of a long ago tragedy, now his life revolved around growing his construction business and spending time with his family…that was until his eyes landed on his newly appointed Architectural Designer. Now he had a chance to have what he'd always wanted, but feared that he'd never have.

Will an event from both their pasts come to light destroying what they are trying to build?

With the exception of a few things, I thought this was quite a good book. It’s very nice and steamy, with some good characters and ideas used. My main issues deal with the abundance of plot twists, since after a certain point there get to be too many to be believable, and the use of a rape as essentially a plot device. If these two aspects were handled better, the book would be better for it. I still liked it, but couldn’t help noticing these flaws. After all, in just the opening pages (warning, slight spoiler here, only covering the prologue) you see a young woman be raped, learn she’s pregnant, confront the rapist, then when he wants nothing to do with it, decide the only option she has is to struggle to raise the child alone. How many women after being drugged and raped actually go to their rapist’s house to talk to them afterwards? Then, later in the book, there are far more illogical events that you don’t imagine would be the course of action for any semi-intelligent person, or which seem like too much of a coincidence to be possible. There were simply too many aspects of this book that stretched believability for it to warrant a higher rating than You Want to Read.

That being said, there were lots of worthwhile aspects to this book. There were several hot and steamy scenes, likable characters, and a good general plot. Disregarding a few unbelievable events, I think most people who enjoy steamy contemporary romance, and have no problems with interracial couples, would find it to be worth reading.

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