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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Review - Shadows of a Southern Moon by Meg Hennessy

Title: Shadows of A Southern Moon

Author: Meg Hennessy

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

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Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: MarthaE

In a country torn apart, Brandt Michaels serves the Union. Behind enemy lines, he expects the danger of Confederate skirmishers and swamps. Instead, he finds himself bewitched by a beautiful woman, igniting his passion beyond anything he's ever known. But he soon learns her coy games are only a distraction, as she secretly devises a deadly trap for his capture.

Elizabeth DuBay is determined to teach that Yankee a thing or two. Denying her attraction to the Union officer, she devises a sure-fire plan to foil his mission. But the moment Elizabeth surrenders to her burning desire for one unforgettable night of love, her life changes forever. As her well-set trap closes in on Brandt Michaels, Elizabeth must risk everything for his escape. From their perilous journey through war-ravaged countryside springs a passion too strong for the war to destroy...and too consuming for the lovers to deny....

This is a very full, rich novel. The characters have great depth with a wonderfully engrossing plot.

Elizabeth is an 18 year old Southern Belle with two brothers fighting as officers in the Confederate army. She is a staunch Rebel, viewing the Yankees as “invaders”. She is a vivacious, strong-minded and somewhat impetuous girl who grows into a resilient, courageous and resourceful young woman over the two plus years of the story.

Brandt is a 24 year old Union Captain who had come to Elizabeth’s plantation to map out a pathway for the Union Army to move across Mississippi. He is fighting to quell a rebellion and to keep his country together. He is handsome and honorable as an officer who does not intend harm to civilians or their property. He is a thoughtful, experienced soldier, usually thinking one step ahead of the enemy, but maybe not one step ahead of Elizabeth!

Although both Elizabeth and Brandt know they should not become involved, the fine pull of desire entwines them in a tangle of emotions. This story involves the obvious conflict of a Southerner and Yankee romance. The author did a great job allowing the reader to feel the sensual draw between the hero and heroine and then the pain and anguish of the characters as they think the other has betrayed them.

The story shows the struggle of the DuBay women who have been left behind as they are repeatedly displaced and trying to find safety in the war ravaged south. The plot has the risk of Confederate brothers facing Elizabeth’s Yankee lover in battle and a few twists with a jilted fiancĂ© seeking revenge and complications resulting from Brandt searching for his missing brother. The background is realistic with the horrors and deprivations of the Civil War being shown without being too harshly graphic. The romance and emotional conflict is intense and beautiful. This is a superb Civil War romance.


  1. MarthaE, I couldn't agree with you more! I recently finished this book as well, and it was top notch. I was engaged from the start, and what an amazing hero! With this one book, Meg Hennessy has become an 'auto buy' for me!

  2. I'm in the middle of this book right now and LOVING it!!!


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