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Friday, June 26, 2009

Review - Shear Magic by Lori Avocato

Title: Shear Magic

Author: Lori Avocato

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

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Rating: You Could Read

Reviewer: Laura

In this classic romance story, a conservative rancher and a free-spirited hairdresser are forced to share more than a common lake in the steamy New Mexico desert. There they must decide--are wealth and property worth more than love? Becky Chambers becomes a fish out of water when she and Slate Lawson learn they have both inherited half of the same ranch in New Mexico--now they must learn what is really important in life.

The book begins with the two main characters circling around each other, untrusting and wary of the other. Then the plot takes off in several directions so the reader is left wanting a little more substance. I would have preferred more interaction between Becky and her foster son, Grady. The author plays up the fact that Becky had a horrible childhood after being bounced from foster home to foster home herself yet the mother-son relationship is scarcely mentioned at all. In fact, more attention is paid to the matching boots and hats she wears and the design on her fingernails than there is to the child. Overall, the book is cute and might be enjoyed by those wanting a different type of love story from the norm.

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