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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Review - Slaves of Sebwai by Scarlett Vaughn

Title : Slaves of Shebwai

Author : Scarlett Vaughn

Publisher : Phaze

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Rating : You Need To Read

Reviewer : Heather

King Henrick of Capriana charges Lady Eronica of Tibeth with a dangerous and seductive mission to cross the ocean and spy on his enemy, the Sultan of Shebwai. Driven by patriotism and a desire to ascend beyond her station, Eron nevertheless feels as though she and her maid Corine may be in over their heads.
Trained in the arts of pleasure and servitude, Eron regularly turns the tide to her advantage: first as a pirate’s captive, then as a harem slave. Even the mysterious captain of the Angry Goddess, James Jovark, cannot tame her, though she may have, in fact, tamed his heart.

Eron must match wits against Sultan Jatuu and elude the evil of his Necromancer in order to somehow escape back to Capriana. But Eron never intended to fall in love along the way.

Eron is going on a secret mission to infiltrate the Sultan of Shebwai’s palace. The only other person that knows the details of this mission is King Henrick II. Eron has been trained in the arts of pleasure, whether it is the dominant or the submissive. Taking her servant and friend Corine along on this trip, she is hoping that the worse does not come to fruition. She is relying heavily on her beauty, wits and training to accomplish what needs to be done. If she fails it not only will cost her her life but it could also be the end to the Kingdom. She is counting on the pirates sailing the waters to abduct her and sale her on the Shebwai’s slave market, and praying that she is bought by the Sultan himself.

This book is not for the faint of heart; it definitely contains some explicit content. That being said Slaves of Shebwai is definitely a book that I would recommend. I enjoyed the story and was kept on edge through the entirety, a real page-turner. James brings helps to bring about what I am always looking for, the romance and a Happy Ever After. There were times when I didn’t not know how Ms. Vaughn was going to pull it off, but she did so splendidly. Slaves of Shebwai has earned a definite You Need To Read rating!

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