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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Review - Storm Howl by Vonna Harper

Title: Storm Howl

Author: Vonna Harper

Publisher: Loose ID

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Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Tonya

Isolated from the outside world by a powerful wilderness snowstorm, Jake Schneider and Sarah Hazelton have no choice but to rent rooms in a mountain lodge. Even before they make their fateful decision, carnal energy draws them together. This is no chance meeting between strangers who will go their separate ways once the road is cleared. Instead, each will emerge changed in ways neither expected, nor wanted.

Sexual need can’t be denied, and in a small, dark room the couple gives into their bodies’ demands. They’ll have sex, they tell themselves, mind-shattering sex. But neither is willing to reveal their fears and insecurities, their empty places. Sarah is remaking her life; she will succeed! Jake, fighting nightmares spawned by his brother’s near death here, refuses to admit how deeply he’s been shaken.

But the wolves have their own agenda.

Talk about an intense and very sexual driven story. Storm Howl is sure to captivate Vonna Harper’s readers, and I’m positive those who have never read a book by this woman will want to start with this one. The challenges these two characters go through are enough to keep you turning the pages. Sarah and Jake are ready to take that next step with one another, but both are afraid of being hurt and both fears and goals that wish to accomplish. Can they accomplish them together? Can they get over their fears together? That is something they will have to find out…together. The erotic play between Jake and Sarah is not for the faint of heart and as with all of Ms. Harper’s books the sex is tastefully done. The development of trust with these characters will be very enjoyable to the reader. As they learn to trust one another they are growing as individuals. The scenes are vivid, enticing and extremely sexy. If this excites you than be sure to check out this book.

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