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Monday, June 22, 2009

Review - Submission by Fiona Vance

Title : Submission

Author : Fiona Vance

Publisher : Red Rose Publishing

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Rating : You Want To Read

Reviewed by : Tir

Lady Juliet De Mar is a confirmed bachelorette and a member of the exclusive London Literary Club, a secret sex club for the more libidinous of the London ton.

After taunting her childhood friend and wealthy sea captain, James Wakefield, with the club's bondage games, she finds herself once again longing for him to be something other than he is--a prude with no interest in sex. At least not with her. Tired of his annual visits that always end in rejection, Juliet decides to kidnap him and bring him to his knees--and to the altar--or end their acquaintance forever.

But her plan backfires when she's kidnapped herself and taken to the docks. Blindfolded and shackled, she becomes the property of a notorious pirate, the murderous Captain Black, purchased for his pleasure.

When her deepest, erotic fantasies become a dangerous reality, will Juliet be forced into submission?

Or will she learn what she needs to know to master James?

This was a quick and enjoyable read. I always really love short stories that manage to build a world and give us a good look at the characters. I felt that Ms. Vance did just that in Submission. I had a good grasp of who Juliet was and what exactly she wanted from life. Even some of the more minor characters I felt were very real.

I will say that I wasn't really surprised by the ending but I still enjoyed watching the game play out and Juliet's reaction at the end is priceless. I had to chuckle out loud. I hope to see more from Ms. Vance in the future.

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