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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Review - Tame A God by Skyler Grey

Title : To Tame a God

Author : Skyler Grey

Publisher : Red Rose Publishing

Buy Tame a God Here!

Rating : You Need to Read

Reviewed by Heather

Teala Vine's has been invited to the infamous Masquerade Ball hosted by the Greek gods on Mt. Olympus. After choosing her favorite god to bring her fantasy to life, will Teala find herself wanting to remain behind or will she realize that reality can be a much better place?

Teala is an average woman, with not a whole lot of excitement going on in her life. She receives the invitation to a Ball that she believes to be the figment of someone’s imagination. The day she is supposed to go to this ball she meets her super hot new neighbor. They have a nice long conversation of getting to know you, I was thinking “Oh no, she is going to blow off the ball for a new guy”, but fortunately for me he left.

Teala is transported to the ball, where she gets to choose the God that is going to make her fantasies come true. Teala’s only problem is that she has no idea what her fantasies are. She shows some oomph when faced with being the only invitee without a chair to sit in when the Gods arrive. She is called out by Zeus himself and given first pick, insuring her exactly what she wants.

To Tame a God was a real page-turner. Teala’s fantasies were definitely taken care of by Hercules and later by the masked man. My only hang up with To Tame a God, was at the very beginning when Teala calls her best friend to tell her about the invitation. I would have liked the friend’s end of the conversation to be heard and not just guessed at using Teala’s responses. At first I thought Teala was leaving a message for her friend. I got over this small bump real quick as the story started picking up. I really liked that Teala was just an average girl who was transformed into a true beauty, not by her outer appearance but by what was inside. I highly recommend killing an hour of your time reading To Tame a God.

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