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Monday, June 1, 2009

Review - Turbulent Passions by Anne Rainey

Title: Turbulent Passions

Author: Anne Rainey

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

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Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewer: Laura

Love. Is it blind luck? Or just a lump on the head?

Sapphire Demas and her twin brother have a secret. Since the awful day their parents were killed, they’ve been in hiding, fearful the same fate will befall them. Now she’s grown tired of living a half-life, tired of lying. She wants something just for herself. When she stumbles across an unconscious man while hiking through the woods and brings him home to heal, she knows she’s found it. Even if he’s a dangerous outsider.
Investigative journalist Adam Richton trusts only one thing—his nose for news. He’s never failed to get a story and doesn’t intend to start now. Until a beautiful and mysterious woman rescues him. In an instant, he forgets all about his career. Now all he wants is Sapphire, any way he can get her.
Then he witnesses something extraordinary that puts his reporter instincts back on full alert. Something that exposes Sapphire’s secrets, challenges him to believe the unbelievable…and to trust in something way out of his comfort zone: love.

I have never had the privilege of reading one of Ms. Rainey's books before. Wow, I didn't know what I was missing. Turbulent Passions is a romance with a touch of the paranormal. It contains torrid sex scenes that should carry warning signs. A person could stroke out with the raw, undisguised passion that can erupt between two strangers thrown into an unlikely confinement. Any reader of this fascinating piece of steaminess at its finest will be blown away by the detail in each scene and the sinfully explicit wording of the characters' emotions. This reviewer is bound and determined to recommend this fabulous author to anyone standing still long enough to listen.

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  1. Awesome review! Thanks, Laura. So glad you enjoyed it!


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