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Monday, June 22, 2009

Review - Until It's Gone by Karen Wiesner

Title: Until It’s Gone, Book 5 in the Wounded Warrior Series

Author: Karen Wiesner

Publisher: Unical Press

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Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: MarthaE

~You don’t know what you’ve got…. until it’s gone. ~

Mitch Taylor has been playing a very dangerous game, and the lines between black and white, good and evil, saint and sinner are all blurred. Just when he thinks the stakes can't get any higher, in steps the only woman who could ever hurt him and the only one who can heal him. In the space of a skipped heartbeat, he can't imagine having more to gain...and more to lose.

In this wonderful read you will find great tortured characters: Mitch, a true wounded warrior, his sister, Julia, who was sold when she was 12, and Brenda, the woman who has always loved him. This is a very good romance filled with action, suspense and sweet sensual tension!

Having read the first book in this series I had a certain preconceived picture of Mitch’s character. He had been mixing with drug dealers for years, he had betrayed his love, Brenda, and it seemed he was definitely on his way down. So this book was full of surprises!

Mitch gets out of prison and very soon finds Brenda at his door. He feels he is not worthy of her love and is shocked by what she has come to tell him. Mitch had betrayed Brenda many years ago to try to get her away from him even though he truly wants her… now more than ever. Add to the picture that Mitch still feels guilty because he wasn’t able to protect his younger sister when their drugged out father sold her to a dope dealer. Although he fears Julia is dead, certain people keep promising him they will find her for him – if he does what they want. When threats from his past start closing in, Mitch must figure a way to protect those he loves and to get his life right if he wants a future with them.

This story is full of deep, abiding and unconditional love. The pain, confusion and love the characters experience can be felt through the excellent writing. The story is fast paced and full of action. Although this is the 5th in the series and can be read on its own, I think at least the first book would help to introduce all the characters and get the background history of Mitch and Brenda’s love story. I want to read the other books and I would heartily say that this is a book, and a full series, to really enjoy.

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