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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Review - Watch Over Me by Lucy Monroe

Title: Watch Over Me

Author: Lucy Monroe

Publisher: Kensington Brava

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Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Mickey

Super spy Mykola Chernichenko comes from a family of geniuses, and though he's no idiot himself, he'd rather be where the action is than analyze it to death. That's why his vacation has just been cut short by a call to get two of his siblings out of some serious trouble—while protecting a nerdy scientist who's latest project could change the world...and get her killed.

The guy who'd rather act than think guarding an egghead in a lab coat? Myk would appreciate the irony more if he weren't so busy trying to figure out how, exactly, to get under said lab coat. Because Lana Ericson just happens to be the hottest thing working the scientific method since, well, ever. Myk has a feeling Lana's laser-like focus would translate to something equally intense in the bedroom. And if she's as curious about him, Myk might just be willing to donate his body to science—each and every night...

Is it just me, or does Lucy Monroe have a magical touch when it comes to writing sensual romance? I admit to having read the other three Goddard series books before Watch Over Me, not mandatory before reading this one but still fun, and it is clear each one somehow gets better and better. Perhaps, it is the intricate plot that fulfills its promise of an exceptional story, maybe it is the hint of nonstop adventure, or maybe it is just the knowledge that somewhere within this book we will be reading fabulous love scenes, many fabulous STEAMY love scenes. I am not quite sure what sets this book, and this author apart from her peers at this moment, but Watch Over Me is pure entertainment.

One of Ms. Monroe’s specialties is creating strong protagonists, one character is never dominant over the other -they come to their relationship as equals. The secondary characters are often just as personable and quirky as the main ones. With Lana and Myk, their differences are obvious however; both posses a focused personality and keen intelligence that draws them together. I found one of Lana’s most endearing qualities is her outspokenness: whatever she thinks, she says. Sometimes this honesty is a good, positive cathartic reaction, sometimes it is a hysterical prelude to some pretty steamy lip locks. You just never know what will happen with Lana, perhaps that is what fascinates Myk the most. I really enjoyed this book, so much so that I am eagerly waiting the next book, and re-reading all my old ones.

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