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Monday, June 15, 2009

Review - When the Ocotillo Bloom by Linda LaRoque

Title: When the Ocotillo Bloom

Author: Linda LaRoque

Publisher: Champagne Press

When the Ocotillo Bloom - Coming soon from Champagne Press!

Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: MarthaE

Teacher Lynn Devry, eager for a kid free summer, finds herself working at a camp for problem children in West Texas. Psychologist Seth Williams is still in love with his ex-wife yet finds himself inexplicitly drawn to the prickly woman. As they help youngsters improve behaviors, wills and attraction collide.

This is a very lovely read! The characters are extremely well developed, the story is charming and believable and the writing flows well.

Lynn Devry is a mother of a young adult, a teacher of math to middle school students and a divorced woman who has lost some self confidence. She suffers from anxiety attacks and depression. Lynn has found it hard to motivate herself so her daughter and Art, a close family friend, have arranged for her to go to a working ranch as a baker for the summer. What they didn’t tell her is that it is not a dude ranch as she thinks, but a summer camp for trouble kids.

Seth Williams is a handsome Psychologist/Rancher with three sons, the youngest just out of high school. He has a great love for his special summer camp and expects each of his employees to participate in exercise (for strength at the job) and to help with programs for the children. When he explains this to Lynn she doesn’t take it well and is even more upset that she is committed by a contract she failed to read.

Although a bit grumpy at first and unenthusiastic to stay on at the camp, Lynn fulfills her commitments and becomes a respected and well liked member of the crew. Reluctantly Lynn learns how good the experience is for her. And she has a surprisingly fun and sassy sense of revenge planned for her daughter and Art! Along the way, Lynn and Seth develop a friendship and then an even deeper relationship. The romance scenes are real and sensual but discreet, as fits the circumstances!

I really enjoyed the way lessons of respect, responsibility, kindness, courage and more are presented with incidents between the children and employees. Ohh – there is a friendly, sweet Lab that is a bit of a character too! The setting descriptions are rich and the ending is very warm and beautiful. A true romance to savor and enjoy!


  1. Hi MarthaE,
    Thank you for the wonderful review. I'm pleased that you enjoyed Lynn and Seth's story.

  2. Linda's stories are all full of wonderful characters and romance that makes you tingle. Congratulations, Linda, on another great review of one of your books.

    Stacey Coverstone


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