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Friday, July 17, 2009

Review - Aneshu's Folly by L.E. Bryce

Title: Aneshu's Folly

Author: L.E. Bryce

Publisher: Phaze Books

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Reviewed by: Brynna Curry

Rating You want to read

The follow-up to Aneshu! Renowned as the greatest trickster in the realm, the actor Aneshu travels to the distant desert outpost of Malassar to spy upon an unscrupulous vizier who has eliminated every previous spy
planted in his household. No one said espionage was easy, but then, no one
warned Aneshu that Amiru ked Shaskan was young, devastatingly handsome,
and as dangerous as a cobra. To survive, the actor must turn to his most
famous role, and perhaps do the unthinkable.

Upon being summoned by the Prince, Aneshu is given and important mission. After the passing of the princess, all are eager for the Prince to marry again, but his bride and her brother are being detained as "guests" in a distant household. He is ordered to join the dancer's troupe and collect the younger prince and princess. Aneshu finds himself leaving Elami's side and journeying into a house of death, deceit and murder. A place no other spy has returned from alive.

While I did find Aneshu's Folly entertaining, the sexual side of the story could have been more romantic. At times I felt like the plot had taken a back seat to the interludes. I would have liked more plot, less trips to the bedroom. However, the ending was one I didn't expect. Still, a good read.

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