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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Review - Canted Curse by Bliss Addison

Title: Canted Curse

Author: Bliss Addison

Publisher: Red Rose

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Rating: You Need To Reed

Reviewer: Heather

Nothing ever goes right for Blossom McDougall. Three marriages and three divorces, two degrees and no career, and if it weren’t for bad luck, she’d have no luck at all.
The curse of Clara Teesdale, the woman who Blossom’s great-granny Aggie stole her husband from, is to blame.

As she approaches her thirtieth birthday, the day when she would follow in the footsteps of her great-granny Aggie, granny Winnie and her mother, Gladys, and take her own life as the curse decreed, God answers her prayers and sends her an angel named Fin.

The pair form a strange alliance, and together they fight the battles of the other.

Blossom McDougall is a sweet character strapped with the knowledge that her Great Grandmother committed an immoral act, sleeping with another woman’s husband. The wronged woman, Clara Teesdale, cast a curse on the women in Blossom’s family. The women are said to never find love and will ultimately take their own lives at the young age of thirty. It is a month prior to Blossom’s thirtieth birthday when we meet her. She has already been married and divorced three times, and has had as many careers. She lives a solitary life running a bookstore and taking care of three elderly tenants. Blossom is resigned to the idea that she will most likely be dead in a month and does what she does so often, prays for assistance.

Her assistance comes in the form of Fin, an angel in need of help. He must complete the task of helping Blossom get rid of the curse and finally find happiness in order to get his wings so he can be with his family in Heaven.

Together they embark on a journey to find out how to end the dreaded curse. In doing so they become involved with helping to solve the missing persons case. Four college students have come up missing in the last three years.

I was drawn into Blossom’s life from the very start. If it weren’t for bad luck Blossom wouldn’t have any luck at all. Her spirit seems broken by this curse. Having succumbed to the curse she still tries to keep a positive outlook on life.

Canted Curse is spell binding, full of love and mystery. The characters really draw you in. From Blossom’s pet mouse to her elderly friends you will find plenty to love about this book. Blossom and Fin are characters that I won’t soon forget. I laughed out loud with Blossom’s description of one particular man in the story, “rubbers man”. The continued use of this nickname kept a smile on my face.

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  1. Thank you, Heather, for the wonderful review.
    Bliss Addison


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