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Monday, July 13, 2009

Review - Dancing in Time by Violet Rightmire

Title: Dancing in Time

Author: Violet Rightmire

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

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Rating: You NEED to Read

Reviewed by: MarthaE

A remote Appalachian village, lost in time…

A New York theater stage, awash with light…

A ballerina, torn between the love of her career and the love of a man who tells her a secret she cannot believe.

Hadleigh Brent and Doctor Collins. This is their story - about the barrier of time and the resiliency of love.

This is an exquisite, sweet romance! The word “lyrical” comes to mind although there might be a dance term that would be better if I could think of one.

Hadleigh is a talented ballerina who has concentrated on her dance career for most of her life. Although she has to face jealousies in the dance company, she also has good friends and a chance to compete in a national championship. She certainly wasn’t looking for the complications of a magnetic romance with a stranger!

Doc is handsome, sweet and a true gentleman with an air of mystery about him! He comes from a very small, unusual village and he didn’t expect to fall for a city woman but finds himself mesmerized by Hadleigh. He has to determine if he is willing to fight for a relationship between them, which would result in taking her away from a world where she is comfortable and successful. Can he convince her that he is not crazy and that what he has to offer has rewards enough to satisfy her?

Doc takes Hadleigh to his home where she is faced with something that is unbelievable and frightening. She has never felt the wonderful connection she feels when drawn to Doc but can she believe and accept who he reveals he is and where he comes from? Is she willing to choose their love and a very different lifestyle over the possible fame of her career? Especially after she suffers from an incident of sabotage?

The story is full of action and the writing flows as the author describes the world of ballet both behind the scenes and in front of the lights. You can tell she writes with knowledge of the art! The ballet is only one rich element of this lovely romance which is really the tale of the conflicts facing these characters from two very diverse walks of life! There is a surprising element in a unique twist of time as hinted at in the blurb! I highly recommend this as a beautiful and unusual love story!


  1. "...the world of ballet..."

    I don't think I've read a book where this was the setting. How interesting!

  2. Dear MarthaE,

    Thank you for such a wonderful review! I'm glad you enjoyed Hadleigh and Doc's story.

  3. Hi Violet,
    A lovely review. No wonder you are pleased with it. And the world of the ballerina, fascinating.
    Mega sales I hope.

  4. Great revew, Violet, Congratulations!


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