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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Review - Demons Not Included by Cheyenne McCray

Title: Demons Not Included - A Night Tracker Novel #1

Author: Cheyenne McCray

Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks

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Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewed by: Mickey

Meet Nyx. This half-human, half-Drow private eye investigates paranormal crimes by day and is an elite Tracker of demons by night. She prefers working solo—and playing rough. So when a terrifying force starts murdering innocent humans and paranorms, and leaving strange demonic symbols burned into their buildings, it's a case Nyx takes very personally...

Meanwhile, Nyx's fellow Trackers are being killed one by one—and a sexy new Tracker named Torin is shadowing her every move. Torin has powers Nyx can't read, and sometimes she wonders whose si de he's on. Nyx's instincts tell her something's brewing in the city's meanest supernatural streets, and that it's ready to unleash hell on Earth. Who can she trust? Now it's five minutes to permanent midnight...and Nyx's last chance means risking everything—even her own life.

Generally, Cheyenne McCray writes inventive, imaginative books with fun characters and plenty of action, Demons Not Included is no exception. While I enjoyed this book, I must confess it did take me some pages before I could completely immerse myself in it however, as I was a bit confused at the beginning - it seemed to drop the reader into the story without any background information. Being fairly quick-witted I grasped the particulars of the storyline after several pages, so when more characters were introduced, they merged into the storyline with relative ease. There is a glossary of terms at the beginning, some may find this helpful, I did not as much as I would have liked.

Overall, the book itself is still a pretty good read! The battle scenes are frequent, filled with danger, and the requisite thrills and chills – I was not disappointed and I believe most readers will feel the same. Nyx’s constant internal battle over which male she should have in her life is extremely entertaining, especially when the two males decide to join in that battle, making her the rope in figurative game of tug of war. Added to Ms. McCray’s main characters is an extensive cast of secondary characters, some of whom are just fascinating enough to warrant having their own books somewhere down the line. Ultimately, the conflict is between good and evil, some beings are still wicked, and the outcome is ever in doubt until the very end, just the way it should be. My advice, read the book to find out what happens; you won’t be disappointed.

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