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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Review - Eternally His by Carol North

Title: Eternally His

Author: Carol North

Publisher: Class Act Books

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Rating: You NEED to Read

Reviewed by: MarthaE

All Erica Peterson wants to do is pay off the mortgage on her bridal salon when a ghost appears in the salon. The disturbance the ghost causes attracts police detective Grant Stewart. Suspecting Erica is hiding something, he investigates her private life.

The ghost, who is wearing a Victorian-era wedding gown, has a history of violent encounters with owners of the building. She vows to stay until she has fulfilled her soul’s purpose.

Erica, her staff, her clientele, and Grant suffer ghostly encounters. Erica is on the verge of losing everything: the salon, Grant, and the two-year-old child who has stolen her heart. To save all, she must travel through time to prevent a tragedy taking place both in 1894 and in present time.

Eternally His is the story of a love so deep, so powerful it transcends time and space, spans a century, and dramatically alters the lives of the lovers and those around them.

This is a wonderfully full, emotional romance. I know it is classified as a Paranormal but I would classify it as Suspense too!

Erica is a beautiful, savvy, business woman. She has been hurt by a fortune hunter boyfriend and has turned her efforts to building the family bridal salon. She hides behind baggy clothes, tight chignon hairstyles and ugly glasses - one so she doesn’t outshine the shopping brides and two so she won’t be hurt by another man. But Grant isn’t just “another” man and Erica finds herself sensing a strange familiarity and falling into his eyes!

Grant is a hero you can love! He is smart, handsome and caring. He is facing a custody battle with his ex-wife and needs to stay on the straight and narrow. Neither one is looking for romance but an eternal love has another plan!

It isn’t clear at first why the ghostly bride is haunting the salon or if she is just part of a sabotage plan from someone who wants the land. When visits from the ghost pick up, Erica allows Grant to talk her into contacting an expert. But they can’t seem to stop the apparition from disturbing the salon and driving off business. Can Erica find the way to give the ghost peace before she loses everything? Will Erica and Grant take the risk to love or will they find excuses to stay away from each other?

The writing is crisp and clear. You can picture the settings: the beauty of the opulent salon; the cold of the snow storm. The characters are very “real” and you can feel their emotions: the reluctance to get involved, the touch of joy, the pain of perceived betrayal and even the loneliness of the ghost. The plot has plenty of twists to keep you turning pages to find out what happens next and the ending is sweet and beautiful! You need to read and enjoy this unique love story!


  1. Martha:
    Thank you for the wonderful review. You said it beautifully.

  2. You had me with the first paragraph of the review! Wow...sounds like a book I'd love.


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