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Monday, July 27, 2009

Review - For the Love of a Mortal by Alysha Ellis

Title: For the Love of a Mortal

Author: Alysha Ellis

Publisher: Shadowfire Press

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Rating: You Need to read

Reviewed By: Janelle

Betrayed by love, passion is their salvation.

On midsummer's night, on her way home from a beach party, Maddie stumbles into a strange, new, world, rich with exotic flowers and tall forests. It is ruled by Oberon and Puck, two of the most beautiful, passionate men she has ever seen.

The air sizzles with the strength of their three-way physical encounters. But Oberon is determined to resist any emotional commitment to Maddie. His kingdom is dying, betrayed by a mortal, and he cannot forget or forgive.

Maddie has just three days to convince Oberon and Puck to trust her. Together they can unite to find a way to save the realm and its inhabitants. Maddie must prove the love of a mortal can heal as well as destroy.

Well, Shakespeare probably rolled over in his grave at this one.

That said, this is a fun story and an interesting take on Oberon and Puck. The pair complement each other without being excessively different. Puck is softer, sweeter, and more easily accepting. Oberon is brooding and a little bitter. The sex in this story is fairly steamy, especially when it turns into three-ways.

Overall this is a good story, that is both silly and a bit sad. I recommend it for anyone looking a steamy evening escape.

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