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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Review - The Gathering: Tales of the Rikashi Book 2 by Antonia Tiranth

Title: The Gathering Tales of the Rikashi, Book Two
Author: Antonia Tiranth
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Buy Link: Buy the Book!

Rating: You Gotta Read
Reviewed by: Mickey

Can Gem and Shirak find their way through madness and sorrow to forge a new peace?

Gem Tunuviel thought her father's insane quest was at an end. She was wrong. He is resolved on destruction. Driven to escape him, she seeks the faces in her visions: other Rikashi, dragon shape-shifters like herself.

Shirak Gwindor, haunted by nightmares of half-remembered tortures, is also following a vision. He struggles to keep his attraction for Gem buried under his rigid sense of duty.

As a force draws the Rikashi together, can Gem find acceptance20with others of her own kind, or must she keep her true self hidden?

Any book with the words “Book Two” in the title has a tendency to scare off new readers leading them to imagine themselves aimlessly reading, wondering why they are lost without a clue. Fortunately, The Gathering Tales of the Rikashi, Book Two should not cause any such concerns. This book is essentially self-contained with some references to The Quickening, but nothing that would leave a prospective reader floundering without a focal point. Shirak’s minor role in The Quickening was just enough to tease Ms. Tiranth’s readers, but not enough to satisfy them and having him as the hero of his own book is definitely a treat. With that said, I thoroughly enjoyed The Gathering, and finally being able to read Shirak’s story lived up to all my expectations.

Viewed through Ms. Tiranth’s eyes the world of the Rikashi is very intricate with different clans, dragons, even humans interacting at different times. In this installment, Gem and Shirak should be natural enemies, yet having a common foe come together united to save the world. I like the uncomplicated writing employed by the author, the lack of triteness in her style: not a word is wasted, yet it seems so much is said with so few words. She is so very descriptive with every word and every scene, whether it is dragons flying, characters fighting, or even just simple shopping. Every element of her story is just as important as the next, each character fully developed, no matter how minor they might appear at the time. I found myself chuckling several times at the “children’s” antics as the adults struggled to control their natural exuberance, or sharing in Gem’s anger over her father’s machinations. How could one not enjoy a book where baby dragons call a human “mommy,” a Rikashi 8 "daddy” and think of themselves as harmless as puppies, with a puppy’s size and strength? As this is Book Two, I look forward to the next books in the series, counting on Ms. Tiranth to maintain the same level of excellence in future installments.


  1. Great Review!! My sis is a talented author - I told her she would be!

  2. Thanks for the awesome review Mickey!


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