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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Review - In Blood and Worth Loving by Marilyn Lee

Title: In Blood and Worth Loving

Author: Marilyn Lee

Publisher: Red Rose™ Publishing

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Rating: You Want to Read - A Good book.

Reviewed by: Shawn Weisser

What does a good girl gone bad do when the bad boy of her choice doesn’t want to be bad with her?

Brandi Knight spent years dating safe, predictable men who left her emotionally unmoved and physically dissatisfied. One look at the tall, handsome, Native American Adrian Redwolfe and Brandi knows she’s minutes away from having her most sensual fantasies fulfilled. Or she will be once she convinces Adrian that he hasn’t lived until he’s spent a weekend with a passionate, full-figured woman.

After countless years of meaningless relationships vampire bad boy Adrian Redwolfe is ready to settle down. When his niece convinces him she knows a woman capable of becoming his blood or perfect mate, he agrees to a weekend rendezvous. Envisioning a slender, gorgeous, green-eyed blond, he’s furious to find Brandi waiting at his family’s cabin. However, within minutes of meeting her, Adrian experiences a powerful physical and emotional response. What’s a bad boy vampire to do when he meets an enchanting and unforgettable plus-sized plain-Jane with miles of warm, dark skin who is nothing like his ideal woman?

At first, I was not impressed with this book, but the more I read the more I liked. The problem I had at the beginning came from sentence structure and spelling errors, which I found distracting. The first paragraph had too many “he” and “his” sentence starters. Closer attention to editing would help catch the readers’ attention. However, the overall story had me intrigued.

I particularly liked the heroine, Brandi, because she did not fit into the traditional role. Brandi is African-American and full-figured. She is also a woman who knows what she wants. She could be sexy and sensual when she wanted. I also liked that the vampire, Adrian, had to come to terms with his desire for Brandi although she was not “his taste.” I love the non-traditional aspects of this story including the adoption of a human infant by the vampire brothers. This very erotic vampire tale was tumultuous and fun. The sex added to the story instead of overshadowing the characters. I could envision a more serious prequel about the brothers at the time they were turned.

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