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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Review - Just Being Neighborly by Nicole Gestalt

Title : Just Being Neighborly

Author : Nicole Gestalt

Publisher : Phaze Publishing

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Rating : You Could Read

Reviewed by : Tir

Feeling down after a bad breakup, Adriana tries to find distractions to help her move on with her life. New neighbor Ben seems like a good start...until she meets Ben's wife, Cassie.

Determined to be a friendly neighbor, however, Adriana decides to be social. When Ben and Cassie's first dinner party turns kinky, Adriana discovers there is plenty to keep her thoughts, and body, occupied.

This is a short read with some kink to it. The characters were interesting if some-what one dimensional. I didn't really feel as if they jumped off the page at me. The story begins with Adriana pretty depressed after her breakup but as soon as Ben and Cassie show up on the scene, the breakup is forgotten. I would have thought there'd be SOME mention of it, even if it was a momentary one. I did, however, enjoy the dinner and bedroom scene. These two scenes were the highlight of the book and well written.

If you want a quick, easy read then this will definitely do.

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