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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Review - A La Wolf by Melody Knight

Title : A La Wolf

Author : Melody Knight

Publisher : Red Rose Publishing

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Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed By: Brynna Curry

Vixen is cool, interesting, in control. Too bad that Vixen is really Esther, a werewolf with aspirations to better things. In an attempt to spice up her life, she decides to visit The Fold, a nightclub with a dubious reputation. The place is notorious, as well as being the monthly starting point for The Hunt. When The Hunt goes wrong, Esther's rescuer is someone much closer to her heart than she ever suspected. What she's actually hunting for isn't Vixen, but Gregor, the wolf, and man, of her dreams.

Gregor has loved Esther ever since he can remember. He doesn't even hold the fact she changed him into a werewolf against her. In fact, he perceives it as an advantage—nobody understands Esther the way he does. When Esther gets tired of playing it safe, and disappears to join in The Hunt, Gregor goes after her to stop her before she does something she will forever regret.

Esther aka Vixen's self-loathing and guilt send her on a dangerous path, leaving her friend Gregor behind. The alpha male doesn't hold it against his girl, but is determined to keep Esther from causing irreparable damage. Will she finally realize Gregor's paws er arms is exactly where she was meant to be.

Hot, sweet and wonderfully written, the imagery of A la Wolf kept me transfixed to the page. I was pleased with Ms. Knight ability not only to keep me in each characters point of view, as both are shown, but eighty percent of the story those characters are in wolf form. She never slipped up. It's a great book and one I'll definitely reccommend. It was a pleasure to review.

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  1. Hi, Brynna.

    I just read your review of my book, "A La Wolf". Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

    Regards, and best wishes,


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