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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Review - Love, Savannah by R.M. Parrish

Title: Love, Savannah

Author: R.M. Parrish

Publisher: Champagne Books

Love, Savannah Coming in August From Champagne Books!

Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewed by: Jennifer

It is the year 1900 — Carolina and Savannah Dickson are nineteen year old twins in the post-reconstruction South. With the help of a hefty inheritance, the girls and former slave, Cherry Wheeler, run a Bed and Breakfast in Savannah, Georgia, growing cotton on the surrounding land. Until now, they believed their father to have disappeared after they were born and their mother died during child birth. The arrival of a brother they believed dead raises unimaginable questions.

While their beauty and intelligence attracts many suitors, the twins don't want to get tied up with just any man and to prove their point, they'll go to any length to find love, no matter how often they fail.But what secrets lie in the past that could destroy their future?

I really got into this book. It is very well written and I just loved the characters. The author really breathed life into the entire town. They had a hard life, but ended up in a good place owning their own property. There was of course the girl nobody likes, but in the end she finds someone too. I liked that the author gave that girl someone who loved everything about her. The only thing I didn't like was Carolina's attitude with Cape. I know it is because she was young, but I truly wanted to set her straight. In the end it all works out for all of them. It is worth reading just to see the story come full circle and have such a great ending!

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  1. What a wonderful review. This is certainly a 'gotta read!'


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