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Friday, July 24, 2009

Review - Lust Knows No Boundries - Destiny Blaine

Title: Lust Knows No Boundries - Book 2
Author: Destiny Blaine
Publisher: Siren BookStand
Buy Link: Buy Me Here
Rating: You Gotta Read

Reviewed by: Val

There's unconditional love and there's obsessive love. In a love triangle, sometimes there's a little of both--and it can complicate a marriage.
Professional football player Corby Teller realizes he's losing his wife but he also knows if a man loves a woman, he doesn't set her free when she doesn't really want to go. Instead, he does everything in his power to make all of her dreams come true.
Corby finds a way to ensure everything is perfect for the wife he plans to keep and it means sharing her with a man she has always loved. After Corby pushes Cassie back into Steve's arms, an earth-shattering event threatens to tear her world apart. Corby's smart enough to know if he doesn't allow Steve to keep his place in Cassie's life, he will lose her because of the history she shares with the first man she ever loved.


Whew, this series is one firecracker of a read. In Lust Knows No Bounderies, Corby is willing to do all it takes to keep Cassie even if that means that in some way he has to connect the past, present and future together. Corby's character is just down right sexy! He's smart, rich and when it comes to Cassie, he is willing to give her all that she wants. Steve is Cassie's first love and she can't imaginer her life without hi, This is a highly sexual and stimulating read and for you lovers of erotic romance, you are in for a treat. The bonds of Corby, Cassie and Steve are very strong which lead to some very intense feeling of love, conflict and jealousy.

Ms. Blaine is one of my favorite writers and I have read a lot of her books. This particular series gets two thumbs up from me, especially this book, for the twists and turns and just plain sexuality factor. The sexual scenes are very descriptive and well thought out. This is one book that you do not want to miss. I am an obvious fan of Ms. Blaine and any of her work is an automatic add to my list of books to be read.

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