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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Review - The McCassey Brothers Trilogy by Lauren N. Sharman

Title: The McCassey Brothers Trilogy

Author: Lauren N. Sharman

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press

Buy Link: Buy Here


Reviewed by: Val

No Worries: Witnessing her mother's murder put a label on Gypsy Lance that few people overlooked. Raised in foster homes, she spent her childhood yearning for love and acceptance. Nearly penniless, she arrives in Hagerstown, Maryland looking to put down roots and outrun a past she fears is about to catch up to her...
Blue-collar, bad boy Rebel McCassey knows what it’s like to try and escape your past. No longer the hellion he once was, he's never been able to shake his family's bad reputation. When he finds Gypsy lost in the woods, her unconditional trust and refusal to judge him by his infamous last name touch Rebel in a place he didn't know existed...his heart.
When the demons chasing Gypsy are caught lurking in the shadows, Rebel vows to keep her safe, even if it means slipping back into his old ways...
Gypsy had been judged and looked down on ever since her mother's murder and now she wants a life of her own, somewhere she can call home. Finding herself lost and trespassing on McCassey property, she meets the infamous Rebel McCassey. Gypsy is a fiesty, intelligent woman who knows what she wants and from where she's standing, it's Rebel McCassey that she wants. There is just something about Gypsy that Rebel finds attractive and makes him feel as though he wants to protect her. Rebel is the McCassey that is the leader of the family. He's all about bailing out his brothers and cousins but will take care of what needs to be taken care of no matter what. The relationship between Rebel and Gypsy was electrifying. Trying not to give away any of the story (trust me when I say you want to read the entire book as fast as you possibly can) the bond that Rebel and Gypsy form and the steps he will go to to keep Gypsy safe will make you curl your toes. The action in this book is simply thrilling.

The Devil’s Candy: Behind Angel Shelby’s dancing eyes and mischievous smile, lie the razor sharp tongue and fearless attitude that have helped her conceal painful secrets. However, they aren’t enough to save her this time—as she’s issued a shocking ultimatum.
Nicknamed, The Devil, Blackie McCassey’s violent past keeps most people exactly where he likes them…at a distance. Sacrificing his freedom to repay an old debt, he agrees to marry Angel in name only, watch over her, and play peacemaker in the uncivilized bar she runs.
Along with unexpected happiness, marriage brings surprises. Once wild and reckless, Blackie suddenly finds himself in the unfamiliar position of keeping someone else out of trouble…his wife.
When a murder occurs, Blackie’s forced to face his past one last time, risking his life to put an end to the chaos disrupting their lives. Unfortunately, victory comes at a price
Angel Shelby is a force to be reckoned with so it only makes sense that the one McCassey that can capture her heart is the biggest, baddest and most volatile McCassey yet! To everyone else, Blackie McCassey is about as intimidating as they come but to Angel, he's just her big brothers buddy, the guy she grew up with. She is in no way scared of him and will pull a gun on him in a heartbeat. Blackie and Angel make the perfect "imperfect" couple. Blackie is fiercely protective of Angel to a point Angel sometimes feels smothered but he's protective for good reason. Angel keeps Blackie on his toes and I was so amused to see how one woman could be the undoing of Blackie McCassey. Loyalty is a McCassey trait and the fact that Blackie will do anything it takes to protect Angel really endeared me to him. He is one of the most edgy hero's in a book that I have ever read and I so love to read about the bad boy gone "almost" good!

Dusty Rose: Dusty Zamora and her close-knit sisters were young—but far from innocent—when they abruptly left Hagerstown, Maryland ten years ago. Now, Dusty has returned. Alone.
Judd McCassey spent most of his thirty-six years side-by-side with his brothers and cousins…on the wrong side of the law. His one regret…being powerless to help the only woman he ever loved when she needed it most. Judd knows they’re headed for trouble when Dusty rides back into his life on a stolen outlaw biker’s motorcycle, and is shocked when she refuses his help.
Finally realizing that hiding her deadly secrets are harming—not helping—the man she loves, Dusty opens up to Judd, dropping a bombshell that sends him reeling, and her fleeing.
Not until Dusty vanishes does Judd discover her deception was well-intended. Now, he must find her before it’s too late for all of them…
Dusty and Judd's story touched me the most I think. Theirs was a story of first love, true love and a love that would not be denied. Given a second chance, Dusty and Judd have a chance to recapture the past and build a solid future but can the two of them stay alive along enough to do it? Dusty was always with her sisters so when she shows up at the garage alone one day, Judd knows something is up, something very, very bad. Watching Judd and Dusty get reacquainted was a thrill in itself. The action, suspense, mystery and deception (albeit for a good reason) made this a fast paced and captivating read. The ending was PERFECT! I found myself holding my breath and hated the story to end.

I am in awe of Ms. Sharman's work and have now read the entire series - so far - and I must tell you that if action is what you seek, look no further. The writing flows smoothly and the believable characters will draw you in to their world. By the end of the story, you actually feel like one of the family, and you have gone to hell and back with them. Every McCassey will take you on a much needed thrill ride with their own stories of misunderstanding, passion and a lot of testosterone. Ms. Sharman writes about characters who are less than perfect, they don't miraculously turn perfect by the end of the book, which so many romance suspense books do. They stay edgy, imperfect but do find the loves of their lives (along with some little extras). I highly recommend this book to lovers of romantic suspense. These books definitely have the action you are looking for. This author is outstanding and I love the way her mind works. Ms. Sharman knows what the reader wants and delivers nothing short of a breathtaking read. Any further book I see from this author is an automatic add!

The McCassey Brothers Series
Book 1 - No Worries
Book 2 - Devils Candy
Book 3 - Dusty Rose
Book 4 - The Long Road Home

The McCassey Cousins Series
Book 1 - When Night Falls


  1. WOW! Thank you so much for the amazing review, Val! I can't tell you how glad I am that you loved my characters and their stories...I hope your readers enjoy them just as much :)

  2. These are awesome books to read. They keep you hooked from the very beginning. Keep an eye out for additional novels by Lauren Sharman she is a great reader.

  3. oops I meant writer!


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