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Monday, July 13, 2009

Review - More Than Great Riches by Jan Washburn

Title: More Than Great Riches

Author: Jan Washburn

Publisher: The White Rose Press

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Rating: You Want To Read

Reviewed by: Vivienne

Accused of a crime she did not commit, Tracy Dixon returns to her hometown. Her brother is in hospital after a serious car crash and Tracy is desperate to be with him as well as to leave the bad reputation she has accrued because of the stolen gems that were taken during a party for the famous Ronda Starr.

So Tracy arrives back in her hometown Allerton, where she vowed never to return after the rumours her ex fiancĂ© spread about her tainted her reputation. Tracy arrives back to be hounded by the local Chief of Police Leif Ericson who is not completely convinced by her innocence. Tracy tries to resume a normal life whilst taking care of her brother’s affairs, but some one is not content to let her reputation rest. On top of that someone is taking a keen interest in her car putting her life in danger.

This was an interesting love story to read, where in the end justice is done and the truth comes to the surface. The book is more of a romance than a thriller and this surprised me as the beginning chapters lead you to believe it would be a gripping thriller to find the thief. The relationship between Tracy and Leif is well written and develops into something beautiful. There are a lot of references to religion and the characters build on their beliefs to make the right choices within their relationship.

The suspense side of the story could have been a little bit more dramatic. To me, it seemed to play like an afterthought and personally I would have liked it to be more forefront in the story.

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