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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Review - Most Wanted by Sasha White

Title: Most Wanted

Author: Sasha White

Publisher: Kensington Aphrodisia

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Rating: You Need to Read

Reviewed by: Mickey

Bad boys—they’re the best lovers around. Submit to the pleasure of their dark and dangerous passions…

“Hidden Cravings”

PI Lexy Signorino has spent the last year trying to forget her insatiable desire for Devon Kaye’s rock hard body. But when he turns up one night asking her to help him find his missing cousin, she’s ready to surrender to sweet sensual satisfaction…

“Unrestricted Access”

Jillian Furst has lusted after detective Jackson Barrows long enough and decides it’s time for some female seduction. She sends him flowers and a steamy letter with explicit instructions for a sexual fantasy that keeps them busy in bed all night long…

“No Angel”

Anna Blair looks sweet and innocent, but playboy Gabriel Mann discovers she’s far from it. Mess with her and she’ll mess right back. And that’s just the way he likes it—down and dirty carnal pleasure that keeps him coming back for more…

Three novellas, all sequels to previous Sasha White stories from Aphrodisia.Three novellas, all sequels to previous Sasha White stories from Aphrodisia
Lexy and Devon from THE CRIB in the Pure Sex anthology are together again in HIDDEN CRAVINGS.

Detective Jackson Barrows watched his partner fall for a thief in SEX AS A WEAPON in The Cop anthology, and in UNRESTRICTED ACCESS, he does some falling of his own.
NO ANGEL continues Sasha’s paranormal Hunter series with Gabriel Mann, the work hard-play harder younger brother of Caleb Mann from SEXY DEVIL, and demon hunter Anna Blair

For any unfortunate who has never had the pleasure of reading a Sasha White book in the past, this is your perfect opportunity to try a sample of her work with three short stories and see what the fuss is all about. A little warning for the uninitiated however; she can be deep, definitely a little dirty, and without a doubt extremely entertaining. These three stories are typical examples of her writing, a combination of action and heat almost leaping off the page. No one who has read a Sasha White book will be able to resist this book, and not just because these stories are related to others in her repertoire.

These installments are so good new readers will love them as well. The characters are strong-willed, multi dimensional and very personable. You have to love a heroine as strong as her hero, and an alpha male not afraid to match wills with an equally dominant female. These couples find interesting situations rich in magic, turmoil, danger, incredible passion and just plain trouble. Ms. White seems to have a little too much fun writing her stories and finding ways to both get her characters into tight spots and then manage to either find their way out of them, or revel in their “predicament.” I truly enjoyed this book, and look forward to whatever comes next.20

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  1. HI Mickey,
    Thanks for the great review. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. You're right, I had a lot of fun writing it. *grin*


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