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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Review - Nashville Heat by Bethany Michaels

Title: Nashville Heat

Author: Bethany Michaels

Publisher: Ravenous Romance

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Rating: You Need To Read

Reviewer: Laura

When Sydney Stratton moved to Nashville to follow her dream of making it in the country music business, she never counted on meeting Dex Wilder, country's hottest star, let alone hooking up with him! But after a few hot encounters with her cowboy lover, raw lust turns to something deeper and Sydney helps Dex write a new song that reveals a totally different side to the celebrity bad boy she knows only from the tabloids.

As Sydney struggles with revitalizing her floundering career as well as the burgeoning romance with Dex and all of its unique difficulties, revealing photos of the two of them come to light, as well as a secret Dex has been hiding that threatens any future they might have together.

Oh, the trials and tribulations of being a hot, successful country music star. Dex and Sydney are an unlikely couple but remarkably mature in their approach to their relationship. Sydney has the capability to push aside her feelings for Dex in order to further her own career. Dex is able to give Sydney the freedom she requests even knowing that is not her desire. Ms. Michaels pens an engaging love story complete with obstacles and pitfalls often associated with the music industry. Adding in the various venues and minor characters season the story well and spice up the shorter scenes. I truly enjoyed myself while indulging in this book.


  1. I so wanna read this book!

  2. Thanks, Laura! Glad you enjoyed the book! The next Nashville book will be out later this summer or in early fall--it'll be bad-girl Becca's turn to fall in love :)

  3. J. Kaye--I'll be happy to send you a PDF review copy :) Just email me if you'd like one. Bethany (at) bethanymichaels (dot) com.


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