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Monday, July 6, 2009

Review - No Greater Love by K. Bruce Justice

Title: No Greater Love

Author: K. Bruce Justice

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press - Faery Rose

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Rating: You Want to Read

Reviewed by: MarthaE

“Do you remember your first kiss?” Adrian Lucard asks Will Taylor—right before offering him a second chance to save his first love, Ami. Is it a lunatic’s promise? A dream that will end leaving only the reality of Will’s hollow life?

Ami Fleming disappeared during their sophomore year in college and if Will wants to alter the past, to save her, he must pay a price. He must confront not only his self-doubt and aching heart but also find the strength to confront Professor Raker and the secret truth about that day back in 1999.

Can he reclaim his life? Can he find within himself No Greater Love?

This is a very fast, different and fascinating read. It starts a bit slowly and you don’t know quite where the story is heading. The hero, Will, is told he may have a chance to go back and save his true love who had disappeared during his college days leaving him a walking, working shell, never interacting or feeling full life again. Can he really change the past? Is he brave enough to do what is necessary? When Will takes the chance the story runs fast paced to a surprising climax and sweet ending. If you like a sweet romance with a different approach, try this quick read!

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