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Monday, July 27, 2009

Review - Northern Exposure by Stephanie Williams

Title: Northern Exposure

Author: Stephanie Williams

Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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Rating: You Need To Read

Reviewed By: Roberta

For the first time, Brittany Reese is going to take an actual non-working vacation. Being the owner and publisher of Colorful Travels Magazine, her job allows her to travel all over the globe. However it's always work. Well, this time it's all about her. Her destination—Finland.

Yeah, of all places. It wasn't planned, it just happened thanks to a certain ex. Oh well, she wasn't going to shop anyway, this was more like a Sabbatical. Although she loved her career, there was still something missing. She didn't know if it was work or her lack luster love life. But she was going to find out and Finland was perfect. Drama free.

Sebastian Jalo never believed in fate. But seeing the dark beauty on his favorite clothing optional beach was making him a believer. This was the fourth time in as many years that he's seen her, but he never got a chance to approach her, she was always busy. Well this time was as better time as any.

Besides, he could use a little excitement in his life. Being a graphic artist for the Government of Finland didn't actually scream party!

This is book two in a three sisters series. I personally can't wait to go back and read book one and can't wait for book three to come out. Sebastian and Brit's story not only takes you to another country and culture. It takes you to a place of possibilities. You just need to be able to take a leap of faith. You'll have to read the book to see if Brit takes her leap. I can tell you there are some very hot and sensual sex scenes. The dialogue Brit and Sebastian share is witty and sassy at times. I found myself loving the way they can communicate with each other yet, only knowing each other a short while. Have an extra couple of hours free time, pick up this book. It is worth a read.

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  1. Thank you so much! I am so glad you enjoyed it! You will love Book Three!


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